Why 3 Billion Hours of Gaming Per Week May Not Be Enough

Our world spends billions of hours per week playing video games, and video games are one of the most popular gifts to give at this time of the year. While some parents may worry about the time spent playing these games–and pediatricians voice concern about an increasingly sedentary childhood–online game designer Jane McGonigal has a different perspective. She thinks video game-playing can solve real world problems. The billions of hours spent at the console can help kids and adults develop skills uniquely suited for the challenges the future holds. What if there was a game that allowed players to design a solution to a future oil shortage? What if a financial crisis could be solved by gamers? McGonigal thinks it can happen, and by her calculations, 3 billion hours of video game-playing per week may not be enough. Watch this talk for an innovative view on how play can change the world.



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