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ProjectPlaytime.com launched in July, and since then we’ve posted new content twice a week, plus giveaways on Wednesdays. Thank you to all our followers and readers who have visited, shared, and commented on our blog! As we close out 2013, here’s a look at the top ten posts of the year according to you, our readers. These are the ten posts that you decided were the most share-worthy in your social networks.


10. Stuffies® Activity: Thanksgiving Stuffing Game 

Here’s a fun activity to help your kids get in the thankful spirit before the big turkey day. All you need is your Stuffie™’s seven secret pockets and a few things you’re thankful for. It could be a fun new tradition for your family, and it gives your kids the chance to receive the numerous benefits of practicing gratitude.

9. What I Wish I Could Give My Kids That I Had

Compared to the 1970s, children spend 50% less time in unstructured outdoor activities. One of the biggest casualties? Informal backyard sports. What our kids stand to lose from this trend, however, is bigger than just a game.

8.  How To Avoid A Play Date Disaster

 Playing with other kids apart from adults offers numerous benefits to kids. Try these tips to make sure your next play date is a success.

7. What Parents Should Learn From “The Sound Of Music Live!”

NBC’s “The Sound of Music Live!” is a good reminder for a few valuable lessons about parenting, play, and life.

6. 4 Myths About Raising Readers

Hitting the books instead of “wasting time” by playing may not always pay off when it comes to raising a reader. Explore 4 myths about raising readers in this post and get expert tips for cultivating a love of books.


5. The Trouble With Being An Introverted Parent

 Parenting can be draining and daunting for introverts and extraverts alike, but for different reasons. Here are some tips for handling some of the parenting situations that are most challenging for introverts.

4. 7 Ways Not To Talk To Kids

Why are there so many adults that don’t know how to talk to kids? Conversations with kids can be insightful, meaningful, and hilarious when you take the time to do it right. Avoid these 7 common conversation faux pas.

3. How To Stop Nagging Your Kids To Pick Up (And Hating Your Own Voice!)

Hating the sound of your own voice when you nag your kids to clean up after themselves? Try one mom’s strategy for getting her kids to clean with zero nagging. This one blew my mind.

2. 3 Ways The Trendiest Toys Are Killing Imagination

With their brightly colored packaging and friendly themes, it’s hard to imagine that some toys may be doing more harm than good. Trends in current toys, however, may actually be working against kids’ development of imagination, creativity, and cognitive abilities.

1. Stop Trying To Fix My Introverted Child

Introverted children are not broken. You don’t need to fix them. But here are 3 strategies for how to help introverted kids in an extrovert’s world.

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