Stuffies® Activity: Hot Potato Stuffies®


We can probably all remember playing the game Hot Potato as children. Here’s a fun variation on a classic using the kids’ Stuffies®.


What You’ll Need:

1. A Stuffie™

2. A stereo or music player

3. At least 3 players plus an adult or older child supervisor


How to Play:

In the classic game of Hot Potato, kids sit in a circle while an adult supervising the game controls the music player. One child is given a toy or object to pass around. When the music comes on, the child passes the toy to the next person. It goes around the circle until the music turns off. Whoever is left holding the toy is out. Play continues until there is one child left, the winner.

Here are three fun variations on this game using Stuffies® that also include educational opportunities:

1. Stuff flashcards with pictures of animals or small animal figurines in the main pocket of the Stuffie™. Before a child can pass the Stuffie™ to the next child, she must draw an animal out of the pocket, make that animal sound, and stuff it back inside.

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2. Stuff small squares of construction paper or other colored paper in the Stuffie™’s main pocket. Before a child can pass the Stuffie™, he must draw one of the squares out, name the color, and name something that is that color (i.e. “yellow banana”).

3. For older preschool kids and early elementary school kids, stuff the main pocket with alphabet flash cards or Scrabble game tiles. Before a child passes the Stuffie™, she must draw one of the tiles out, say the letter, and name something that starts with that letter.

Tip: Kids love the suspense of playing Hot Potato, wondering when the music will turn off. Add an educational element to this classic game using your Stuffies®’ secret pockets.



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