Weekly Giveaway: Win a Free Dash Stuffies® Toy!


For this week’s drawing, one lucky winner will receive a FREE Dash Stuffie™, plus his storybook and a mystery gift!

In Dash the Horse Beats the Dishwater Dilemma, two kids learn how to make chores more fun, a powerful example for how to tackle challenges with hard work and enthusiasm. And of course there’s no better teacher for this lesson than Dash, the horse who always takes charge and gets things done.

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Why Kids and Parents love Stuffies®:


1. With 7 secret pockets, they’re a toy that’s also a toy chest.

2. They’re supersized and soft, which makes them great for bedtime comfort.

3. They’re perfect travel companions with pockets to pack and plenty of playtime possibilities for the car.

4. They promote positive values, like taking charge and getting things done.


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To enter to win Dash plus a free storybook and mystery gift, simply use the form below. For example, you can earn one entry by leaving a comment on this post to answer the question, “What chore does the child in your life procrastinate doing?” Then click the +1 button on the form next to that option to officially enter. To earn up to 5 entries, complete each item on the list! Winners will be notified via email and posted on this page at the end of the contest period.

Don’t forget to tweet using the form every day for bonus entries!


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