New Conversation Hearts for Valentine’s Day


Be mine. Kiss me. XOXO.

Conversation hearts are a sweet way to express affection on Valentine’s Day. But what if we could give our kids a deeper message to remember?

Stuffies®  remind kids and parents that “it’s what’s inside that counts,” and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reinforce that message. In addition to giving our kids sweet messages like “Ur Sweet,” let’s also tell them that it doesn’t matter how pretty or thin or athletic or smart you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most popular kid in the class or the kid who feels left out at times. It doesn’t matter what color your hair or skin or eyes are or what size clothes you wear. Tell them you love them for who they are, and it’s what’s inside that count.

So here’s a list of new Valentine’s messages, inspired by the 16 Stuffies® and their positive values. Write them on hearts or simply share them with your kids today:

1. Your dreams can take you anywhere.

2. Remember the power of listening is one of the best powers of all.

3. Dig deep to help others.

4. Don’t be afraid to dance to your own beat.

5. Remember to stand up for others.

6. Be strong and roar with courage.

7. Cheer for others and you’ll feel good too!

8. When you have work to do, take charge and get things done.

9. Watch out for others who need help.

10. Always reach for new heights.

11. Help someone else squash a problem today.

12. Stop to take a breath and be calm in any situation.

13. Keep busy by helping others.

14. Remember steady patience wins the race.

15. Don’t be afraid to get dirty helping someone else.

16. Remember you have a little magic inside you!



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